The College Student and the Businessman

When home from her first year at college, Debra finds herself babysitting for her hot, divorced neighbor. After seeing that he is lonely in his divorced life, she takes matters into her own hands and seduces Mark as soon as they are alone.

Warning, this 4500 word story contains graphic language, a barely legal college girl, mind blowing sex and explicit descriptions of fantastic sexual activity between a curvy, tanned young college girl and a well toned, handsome businessman. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

When Mark felt her press into him, and heard her breathe her words into his ear, his eyes popped open and he started tensing up. Debra immediately started rubbing his shoulders again and said “Shhh, Mark, just relax and let me help you feel better.”

Mark groaned lightly and leaned back again and started to relax again. And as he relaxed more and more, she started moving her hands further and further down and around his front until she could feel the muscles in his chest as they wandered. Her head dipped a bit more as she lowered her lips to his neck and started lightly kissing and nibbling on Mark, tasting him and teasing him.

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The Wolf On The Run

Brandon is a wolf in trouble. Ambushed and injured he has to depend upon Alexis to help him run and lick his wounds, and more.

WARNING: This 6700+ word story contains graphic language, an open minded sexy girl, mind blowing sex and a werewolf who knows how to use his tongue and other body parts. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!

He would look at me with his piercing blue eyes, and walk across the gap between our buildings. I could imagine him slowly running his hand down my cheek, feel his hard body as it started pressing up against mine. He would slowly guide me back until I was up against the brick wall, panting with desire for him. He would slowly run his fingers down my body, teasing my nipples into instant hardness. Caressing my stomach as his hands moved towards the button of my pants. As he undid my pants and slowly, gently, slid them down my body… lowering himself until his face was nestled into the junction of my legs. Lost in my sudden daydream I could almost feel the rasp of the stubble on his cheeks dragging across my skin where my panties ended.

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