Custom Template for Scrivener

This is a short story template designed for you to be able to do basic short stories for sale on and other ebook sites.  It is designed to meet the basic requirements for font size, etc, and should also pass the SmashWords meatgrinder to make it into their premium catalog.

download here: Generic Erotica Short Story


Open scrivener, go to File|Save as template… on the dialog box that pops up on the bottom there should be a line that says “Templates are saved in” along with a folder location.

Put the template in that location and restart scrivener.

Now under the New Project dialog box there should be an entry for “Generic Erotica Short Story”. Mine shows up under the “fiction” category.

I actually use a modified version of this that has my default pen name in it already, so I just create and go.. so what you can do is open a new project from this template, customize it to your style/name/etc, and then save it as your own template and run from that.